A Yogi Who Served Yoga Purely : Dr Jayadeva Yogendra ( 27.04.1929 – 16.02.2018)

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A Yogi Who Served Yoga Purely : Dr Jayadeva Yogendra ( 27.04.1929 – 16.02.2018)

A humble guru, who follow the path of yogis, take leave from his worldly duties and said Good Bye to his loving followers on 16th, Feb, 2018. The President of The Yoga Institute Dr Jayadeva Yogendra was was passed away after a great life and enrich the teachings and legacy of yoga.


Born in 1929, Shri Yogendraji’s son, Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra, is a simple man and a true Yogi. Having seen his complete dedication to a life of discipline and simplicity, the Sadhakas of the Institute consider him as their true Guru. Being born in a family of Yogis, he had a spiritual inclination since childhood. Today, as the President of The Yoga Institute, he continues to carry on the Founder’s legacy in his silent and sincere way. He is also the Editor of the Institute’s monthly Journal, “Yoga & Total Health” published since 1933. Dr. Jayadeva completed his Masters in Samkhya and Yoga at the Bombay University in 1952. In 1955, he was awarded the Hargobindas scholarship for a Ph.D (Dr. of Philosophy) for his thesis on Moksha Parvan. At the Institute, he has introduced several courses, pioneering work in Yoga Education and Therapeutics. Students at the Institute continue to draw constant inspiration from his wisdom, compassion, wit and unflinching commitment to truth.

Rare Audio Interview of Dr Jayadev Yogendra 

Watch : The Yoga Institute celebrates 88th Birthday of Living Yogi Dr Jayadeva Yogendra

Photos and Youtube Courtesy : http://theyogainstitute.org/

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