Religion World is an initiative to provide information, happenings, activities, programmes and social impact programmes of religious and spiritual organization. The core thought of religion world is – A New Thought Around Religion –


Religion evolves humanity and gives insight. We all follow some faith to carry our life with more awareness. The thoughts around religion mostly challenged by times and relevancy. We need a every evolving religion that flows in every region of human interference. Religion World tries to inculcate the essence of modernity and the purity of tradition to develop a new space for all types of religious information and details. We want to serve religion like an observer and develop vistas for common and mutual understanding.


Religion World will bring every known and unknown facts of religious world, with maturity and purity. We want to show the world that religion is not only about prayer and practice. Its social, economical and political impacts can bring big social changes. We want to support and highlight every social work of each religious organisation. Religion World will infuse its positive and analytical energy to change the perception of religion.


Bhavya Srivastava, Founder, Religion World is veteran journalist specialising in religion news. He is also founding member of International Association of Religion Journalists. He was associated with leading TV News Channels and produced numerous shows related to religion and spirituality. As student of Sociology, social development and role of religion moves him for various projects and associations. He has strong relations with interfaith leaders and widely covered issues addressed by Inter-religious programmes and seminars. He attended several international seminars in past and continuously writing on religious issues for media groups. He wants to change the perception of religious leaders, from preachers to change-makers. Bhavya can be reached at : bhavyasri@outlook.com & bhavya@religionworld.in

Shweta Singh is a senior web journalist and Editor-Posts. She Worked at Dainik Jagran Former Deputy Editor-Content at World Phone India Pvt. Ltd Former Content Editor at Indicus Netlabs Pvt Ltd & Former Chief Sub Editor at Aaj Tak. She has keen interest in social development angle of religion and very research bent of mind. Her flair writing gives a story the soul to breath. She has done his Journalism from JIMMC. Shweta can be reached at : shwetajagriti@gmail.com

Sonali Rathi is INPUT and Social Media Head. She is workaholic soul and keen eye for details. She is instrumental to establish new contacts and find the links for a social angle of faith happenings. She is active to engage faith leaders, organisations and establishments. Her devotion to serve religion as service is unparalleled. Sonali can be reached at : rathisonali6@gmail.com

Yashoda Jayadev is handling South India and works as South India Editor. She was with numerous newspapers and has a captivating writing style. Her nose for news has make stories more engaging and to the point. She is based in Hyderabad and overlook all religious and spiritual activities. Her focus is to establish pure religion and highlight the social engagement of Religious Organisations. Yashoda can be reached at : yashodajayadev@yahoo.com

You can reach us by Email : religionworldin@gmail.com & infodesk@religionworld.in

We are also producing content for media groups, websites and Apps on Religions & Spiritual Practices : For More Contact : +91 9717000666 / bhavyasri@outlook.com

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